1000 Lives Saved Initiative

We feel statistics supporting the loss of a veteran to suicide, occurring every 70 minutes, is more than a problem, it’s an epidemic. The systems responsible for the successful transition of soldiers out of the military have failed a large portion of our armed services community.

According to the Veterans Affairs Department, we had more deaths by suicide among soldiers and veterans, than killed while deployed during the entire war in Iraq. As we end this year, we will have had over 8k veterans survive combat, only to come home and lose the war. The suicide epidemic affecting our returning service members is a silent war we can no longer ignore, and one that is demanding answers.

We hope to bring the necessary questions to light and get the answers so many soldiers and families deserve.

Our personal experience, history, challenges, and understanding of the epidemic plaguing our society put us in a unique position, as a family that has lived the mission we fight to protect now, to help others find hope.

Mission Zero is focused on creating a global system of veterans connecting with other veterans in a safe environment that is structured to encourage veterans in need to seek help without fear of reprisal. Our mission will bring together the nations resources, both public and private, in an organized effort to provide lifesaving services and improve the ability of citizens, friends and family members to recognize the warning signs of despair, know where to turn for help, and be empowered to take lifesaving action.

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