A new approach

Philanthropy that requires performance is a social cause investment that provides a return on the mission.

The nation invested in our military through tax payer dollars, now we invest the charity of our nation into our veteran population to provide local communities with an untapped resource of leadership, accountability, selfless service, honor, duty, and respect.

In many scenarios our veterans are viewed as a liability in the very communities they served to protect. We invest in community partnerships to remove these stigmas, empower individual veteran startups and early stage veteran organizations, and bridge the gaps in care government agencies and programs create when policies change or funding is restricted. Unfortunately in today’s world of giving, a large portion of private and public philanthropy falls on the leadership of organizations who never fulfil the intended need. With no system of recourse, no organizational oversight, and the public assumption that all veteran focused organizations are created equal, we’ve created a climate of hesitancy when the need for support is at a critical stage. The ability to recognize KPI of social impact and report the status of our impact with tangible results is the change the community of giving needs in order to remain a sustainable source of funding.

A New Approach

Performance Based Philanthropy

Performance based philanthropy, or societal return, is similar to the pure philanthropic model of giving, with an added twist. Performance based philanthropy, and the philanthropist who believe in this model, have the aim of increasing societal value when disbursing funds to provide an investment channel that organically aligns with the mission of the organization.

Performance Based Philanthropy

On average 240,000 service members transition out of the military yearly

The constant need to protect our nation from enemies foreign and domestic means we will always have a resource of qualified, trained, and experienced leaders worth investing in, not forgetting about.

Veterans are an established and sustainable resources for growing the economy and a necessary component in the mission to change how we care for military personnel during and after service.

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We focus on organizations tackling suicide across multiple industries including health, technology, workforce development, education and housing

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Our nation’s most important investment is in the lives of those who serve to protect. We owe it to them, to ourselves, and to the future of this nation to reinvest in the lives of our military men and women as they transition, in an effort to protect, produce, and prevail against all odds.

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