Program Details

The Battles Program is designed to foster an environment that encourages veterans in need to seek help without fear of reprisal to create long term engagement journeys that produce quantifiable and qualifiable data points for the improvement of suicide and PTSD intervention/prevention efforts.

V2V Battle Counselors use a proprietary platform to operationalize long-term engagements to improve the outcome of the interactions and bridge the communication gaps for high-stake relationships. V2V Battle Counselors paired with their V2V Battles Program Participants create a global network of veterans supporting veterans through personalized journeys where they are able to track behaviors, log triggers, implement coping strategies, connect with other veterans, and receive information on resources available in their communities.

Our platform enables Battle Counselors to proactively connect the nation’s resources, both public and private, in an organized effort to provide continuous care and improve the ability of citizens, friends and family members to recognize the warning signs of despair, know where to turn for help, and are empowered as stakeholders in their own care plans. How would you like to become a part of a team providing compassionate care to Veterans?

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