Ground Zero

The greatest investment our country makes is in the training and development of our military personnel. Utilizing mobile technology, we can now protect this investment and save our veterans from a lifetime of struggle.

Our Battles Program is a digital footprint of interactions, in a multiuser environment designed for optimizing high stake relationships.

We can’t measure what we cannot see, and organizations like Mission Zero focused on social change find illustrating their impact in quantifiable data points, impossible. Powered by JourneyLabs, the V2V Battles Program facilitates a proactive approach to providing long term support through engagement journeys designed to produce quantifiable and qualifiable data points for the improvement of suicide and PTSD intervention/prevention efforts.

“We saw the need in the healthcare market to provide a platform that fosters long term relationships across all aspects of healthcare delivery organizations,” said Jason Fisher, CEO, JourneyLabs™. “Whether it is improving patient care, reducing employee turnover, or optimizing research projects, JourneyLabs™ provides a digital connection that includes all parties, allowing for optimized longitudinal relationships.”

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