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The girl in the white dress

Every day, anytime I see my daughter laying down with her eyes closed I either must immediately look away or I have to walk away because the pain is too much that I immediately start crying. This little girl was about 7 years old or so wearing a pretty white dress when I helped receive […]

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The bridge to happiness, the bridge to hell

Each day I wake up either from a night of horrific traumatically real nightmare’s which for the most part causes me to “drive over the bridge to hell” for the morning if not the entire day. The irony is that as soon as my eyes open every day I aim to take control of the […]

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Fish Out Of The Water

We all know what happens to a fish out of water, after too long the fish will die from lack of its natural resources. I have felt like a fish out of water for so many years the world that most know to it is foreign to me. I am consumed with the constant need […]

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