We serve people before processes

We are committed to mission over money

Any activity or expenditure must be included in the strategy

We value passion over perfection

We make decisions by consensus whenever possible

We commit to our promises with relentless perseverance.

We earn the trust of our supporters by executing on our commitments and delivering reliable results.

We work to exceed expectations, not met them.

All board members believe they have an individual social responsibility to be donors of time, talent, money.

We stay focused on the mission by demonstrating self discipline.

Our authenticity is a reflection of our loyalty to those in need.

We believe every day presents an opportunity to positively affect veterans in the community.

We are accountable for our actions, regardless of right and wrong.  

We respect the individuality of others.

We believe the culture of veteran non profits should be a place of camaraderie and teamwork, not competition.

Let your compassion and dedication to do for others be your brand, and your courage to make a difference, your legacy.