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Our vision is to create a world where veterans H.O.P.E never dies. We use hope as an acronym for Happiness. Opportunity. Purpose. and Empowerment. Mission Zero was created to be the vehicle that brings education and awareness to the veteran suicide epidemic and support those dealing with PTSD. In conjunction with our education and awareness objectives, we are dedicated to supporting & launching initiatives that will have a positive impact in preventing as many veteran suicides as possible. When you feel the system has failed you and you community of support is lacking, please know that Mission Zero is here for you always.


Jose Belen is a decorated United States Army Combat veteran who has dedicated his life to bringing national awareness to the PTSD and suicide epidemic plaguing U.S. veterans.

A native of Amsterdam in Upstate New York, Jose enlisted in the Army at age 19. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 during the initial Operation Iraqi Freedom invasion and spent 14 consecutive months in combat. Jose was honorably discharged in 2005, and two years later he moved to Florida, where he began raising a family and launched a successful corporate career in the real estate and insurance industries. Meanwhile, he was silently battling the debilitating effects post-traumatic stress disorder, with medical and veterans-support systems he had access to offering little help. Jose’s struggles came to a head in 2016, when the war within his own mind almost robbed him of everything: His career, his family, nearly his own life.

Ultimately, however, Jose was able to overcome his personal demons. Inspired by his triumph, in 2017 Jose and his wife Danielle founded Florida Mission Zero, an organization dedicated to proving PTSD isn’t a death sentence or the end of the line for U.S. veterans and their families.

Jose Belen


10 years as the top insurance sales professional for a fortune 500 insurance agency. Army combat veteran, husband, father, activist and entrepreneur. He has never been on a cruise!

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15 years of top performance in the IT industry, Certified Personal Trainer, Bachelors in Interpersonal Communications, wife and mother of two. She is a Dallas Cowboys fan!

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In today’s media climate, it’s difficult for veteran suicide prevention efforts to receive the attention – and funding – they deserve. Jose Belen, along with countless transitioning veterans, however, have an opportunity to break through the noise. That’s because veterans can tackle the issue not from a place of struggle and frustration, but instead from a position of success and achievement. Jose’s personal story is a tale of unwavering military valor and corporate accomplishment, one in which he triumphed while struggling with (but never succumbing to) the ravages of PTSD. We have an opportunity to position our stories as veterans in a way that inspires change, instead of simply asking for it – a model that is sure to appeal to those who participated in highly efficient, effective military organizations. We have the opportunity to shift the status quo through veterans like Jose sharing their stories concisely, powerfully, and transparently. The result will be a movement of epic proportions that speaks with focus and authority, and yet also emanates passion and empathy. It’s a message that will be equally resonant in corporate boardrooms and major conference centers, compassionate care clinics and VA centers across the world. And it’s one that will inspire sustainable change and have a live saving impact.

Mission Zero is a Florida-based organization founded by United States Army Combat Veteran Jose Belen and his wife Danielle to end the PTSD and veteran suicide epidemic. Inspired by Jose’s military accomplishments and corporate triumphs while battling the lingering wounds of his time at war, Mission Zero is dedicated to proving PTSD isn’t a death sentence or the end of the line for U.S. veterans and their families. To that end, Mission Zero develops targeted education and advocacy campaigns, spearheads suicide prevention efforts, organizes family support initiatives, helps business owners expand their veterans outreach and hiring programs, and runs veterans coaching programs. An inspiring public speaker, Jose has spoken at major conferences nationally and internationally and has shared the stage with the likes of Montel Williams and former NFL star Marvin Washington.

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